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Why Include Precious Metals in Your Investment Portfolio?

Why Include Precious Metals in Your Investment Portfolio?

Protection through diversification – Having precious metals within a balanced investment portfolio can potentially reduce overall risk, help protect against market shocks & financial crises. Gold has been proven to be resilient during turbulent times.

Growth Potential – As one of the most useful metals on earth, the demand for gold continues to grow. Central banks are no longer net sellers of gold, so the rest of the demand is currently filled with recycled gold. Weakening of stocks & other paper investments due to economic instability can potentially drive more demand towards precious metals.

Hedge Against inflation – As the Fed prints more money, your cash & other paper based investments are effected by inflation, while gold has the opposite effect. Research has shown that having a portion of savings in gold can improve purchasing power in the long term.

Tax Benefits – There is no penalties or payable tax involved in any precious metals IRA transfer or rollover because it falls under a tax differed investment category. You are not required to pay for collectible capital gains tax of your metals when they are liquidated.

Safe Tangible Storage – Long Island Rare Coins partners with DDSC Delaware Depository, a government regulated facility, to keep your precious metals.

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