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    Series 1928-1928E A Neat $1 Silver Certificate Set with all 6 districts

    Series 1928 $1 Silver Certificate Set 1928-1928E A Neat Set With All Districts! A Neat Set of 1928 $1 With All The Districts. Some Very Tough Ones! Fr#1600-Fr#1605

    Series 1935A $1 Silver Certificate Fr. 1608 Blue Seal Gem Unc. Rev. Off Center

    Series 1935-A $1 Silver Certificate Fr.1608 Blue Seal Gem Uncirculated Reverse Off Center

    Series 1928 $10 Gold Certificate Star Note Serial Number *0082281A VF

    Series 1928 $10 Gold Certificate Star Note VF Serial Number *0082281A A Couple of Small Stains Pleasing Overall Uncertified
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